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From syntax to pragmatics. New challenges for designers in a participative world.

Participatory Design
Bachelor Project

Design Research
Concept + Editorial Design

4 Months

By the increasing presence of the internet in the every day life of the citizens and consumers, the world has changed in a radical way. Everybody can communicate with everybody, the daily data generation increases exponentially – and we gradually lose track of all. The reached global connection of everything faces us with the question: What comes next? How do we make use out of these new possibilities? Shifting values of the society are causing new needs. These changes will put everyone before new challenges. Now, individual needs will be in the focus and we, as individuals, will all be able to have more impact than ever before. Finally we get what we always wanted.

We have a generation which has more and more options, can get whatever they want, wherever they want, whenever they want and however they want. What challenges will come up for designers in the near future? What kind of influences will these developments have in particular on communication design?

Designers have to learn how to handle these new demands. New situations and needs will cause the demand for new skillsets and processes, to further on claim themselves as driver of innovation.

Conducted Interviews
Patrick Newbery | Method, San Francisco
Dimitri Jeurissen | Base Design, Brussels
Pierrick Thébault | MIT SENSEable City Lab, Massachusetts
Adam Morris | Made by Many, London

Book, 290 pages, 275 x 210mm

co-design / co-working / diversity / mass customization / meta design / open design / participation / prosumer / service design / sharing